Sylvie Tardif

Teaching Approach:
Photo of Sylvie Tardif
My teaching style is gentle, supportive, and creative. I strive to encourage and inspire my students’ artistic expression and confidence while nurturing their love of music. While I specialize in teaching adults – both new to the piano or returning to the instrument with renewed interest and enthusiasm – my students range in age between 16 and 88, and I welcome all ages and teach all styles. I offer weekly lessons and am pleased to work with students at any level of experience. I incorporate duet work, sight reading, technique, rhythmical development, theory, and chord work in my lessons, depending on the needs and interests of each individual.


I am a classically trained pianist and have been an accompanist since 1975. I taught in Montreal after graduating from the University of Montreal in Quebec, and have been teaching privately in Florence, MA since 1993. Over the years, in addition to teaching, I have played for ballet classes, been a member of chamber music ensembles, toured with a musical theater vocal group, and accompanied choirs. I continue to accompany soloists, vocal ensembles, and coach instrumentalists and vocalists on how to collaborate with a pianist accompanist.


Sylvie Tardif
140 Pine Street, Studio #15
Florence, MA 01062