Stephen Page

Teaching Approach:
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My teaching approach differs somewhat from the conventional style of teaching. When I teach students, first of all I am not actually teaching. I am allowing the student to go through his or her own process. If I push a style on a student, then too often than not, they will pull back. I try to make them aware of the totality of music, allowing them to see that there is no one way to music. With that said, I then get into the “nuts and bolts” of learning music. Specifically, I am making decisions every moment in the lesson that will further prompt the student to gather their own inner resources to allow them to hear their own voice. I invite the student to look at such topics as ear training, scale construction, voicings, tone development, technique, and repertoire to name a few.


I have had a great deal of performing and teaching experience throughout New England and New York. I received my B.A. in Jazz Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a concentration in Jazz piano and improvisation. My teachers included Billy Taylor, Yusef Lateef, Andy LaVerne and Kenny Werner. I also studied extensively with the renowned music educator Charlie Banacos until his passing in 2009. My private music lessons are held in my studio in Amherst and at the Northampton Community Music Center in Northampton. My latest CD is entitled “From My World” and features an all-acoustic solo piano setting recorded at the UMass Fine Arts Center. In addition, I am a nationally certified massage therapist.


Stephen Page