Daphne Bye

Teaching Approach:
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With children ages five and up, I integrate the exceptional benefits of the Suzuki method with a comprehensive foundation in music reading. Care is given to each child’s special needs so that piano lessons foster joyful and efficient learning as part of healthy character development. Families learn to create a structure in the home that encourages fun, routine, and long term momentum. Performance opportunities bring us into supportive community that can inspire and motivate. I hope to convey the beauty, excitement, and depth of music while we build habits that are transferable to many other areas of life and learning.


Daphne has degrees in both piano and music education from McGill University where she studied with Charles Reiner. DESE and Suzuki certified, she has taught piano for over thirty years. She has taught music and movement in Waldorf, Montessori and public schools and has home schooled her own children. With wide experience as a church musician, she has also accompanied ballet classes, dinner theatre, musical productions, choirs and soloists.


Daphne Bye
Montague Center, MA 01351
(413) 834-0597