Cheryl Noble

Teaching Approach:
Photo of Cheryl NobleMy philosophy for teaching individuals begins with the belief that all people are musical. Although we all have varying degrees of natural aptitude, we can, through passion and hard work, achieve the joy of a lifetime of music making. It is my goal to provide a nurturing environment where one can find their own musical voice and attain the necessary skills to empower them on that journey. I use various methods depending on the needs of the particular student. I feel that the Classical composers are vital to proper technique and mastery of the instrument but also have an extensive background in jazz theory and improvisation as well as popular idioms.

I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music where I majored in piano and songwriting. I have been teaching private piano lessons since 1986 and have taught in various settings including the Northampton Community Music Center, and Greenfield Community College. I am also a composer, songwriter and jingle writer as well as a professional performer and recording artist.

Cheryl Noble
16 Bridge Street
Amherst, MA 01002