Olga Gaybaryan

Teaching Approach:
Photo of Olga GaybaryanInitially, I focus on the development of one’s musical memory and personal rhythm in the beginning stages of teaching piano. I encourage students to make a connection between one’s aural impressions and the quality of sound in playing piano. I also enjoy teaching piano to adolescents and adults lacking basic knowledge of music as a whole.

Concert Performer, Piano Teacher, Concertmaster and chamber ensemble soloist at Rostov-on-Don State Rachmaninoff Conservatory , Russia . Piano Teacher and concertmaster, graduate of Rostov-on-Don College of Arts. Participated as both soloist and concertmaster in the creation of a chamber duet consisting of violin and piano, receiving first place in the local competition 1999. Prepared students for various competitions, taught pedagogy to other music educators.

Olga Gaybaryan
121 Sandy Hill Road
Florence , MA 01062