Lisa Tucker

Teaching Approach:
Photo of Lisa Tucker
I have taught beginning and intermediate piano in the Valley for the past fourteen years. I enjoy adapting to each student’s musical inclinations and will work with a variety of pedagogical methods. In addition to learning from the many styles available, such as classical, folk, blues or rock, I also like to encourage students to hear the rhythms and melodies in everyday life and to translate these sounds onto the keys. My studio is equipped with a synthesizer, a grand piano and a harpsichord. I am also available as an accompanist.

I have a B.A. in Music from Bennington College with additional studies at Juilliard. I taught at the Riverdale Country Music School in NYC and the Leeds School here in Massachusetts. I have been an accompanist for many years, performing in NYC as well as here in the Valley for individuals, choral ensembles and ballet classes. I am currently the accompanist for Eurythmy classes and middle school chorus at the Hartsbrook Waldorf School in Hadley, MA.

Lisa Tucker
30 Briar Hill
Williamsburg, MA 01096